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Employment Law Success!

Published - Jul 03, 2020

Outstanding work from Paul Coleman and lovely feedback from an incredibly happy and relieved client:

'I came to Foster & Coleman for help after I was put in a comprising situation by one of my friends that was completely out of my control. I explained this to Paul Coleman and from the outset he offered me invaluable advice and helped me to stay calm in a situation which, for me, seemed to be spiralling out of control and I can’t thank him enough for this.

The unfortunate situation got back to my superiors and despite my explanations of how the situation was out of my control, they took me to a disciplinary meeting alleging that I broke regulations. Paul went through all the evidence with me and he organised a brilliant 20 page document consisting of my events, character witnesses, eyewitness and also a section explaining how I hadn’t breached any of the regulations. The file worked wonders and turned a situation that was dire into a minuscule punishment which seemingly will have no impact on my career.

I cannot thank the services of Paul and Foster & Coleman enough and will definitely be utilising their services again if I have to. As well as this, I would, without a doubt, recommend the services of Foster & Coleman to anybody who encounters problems they may have and require legal advice. I cannot only thank Paul for his services, that no doubt saved my career, but also the advice and help he offered me at the beginning when all looked so bleak!''

Posted in Employment Law on Jul 03, 2020