Commercial/Civil Law

Representing Your Interests

Often when you least expect them, disputes arise and problems happen. It is a fact of life. We are here to help if you, or your business find yourself in that position.

Our litigation team act for defendants and claimants, ranging from individuals to buisnesses, with everyone receiving exactly the same commitment from us as we try to resolve disputes as quickly and as fairly as we can.

We ensure that we advise all of our clients about the prospect of a successful claim or defence succeeding.

We will never advise a client to spend money litigating a case that we would not litigate ourselves and always ensure that we keep that advice under regular review as things progress. This will enable informed decisions to be made at every stage.

Notable and recent cases where our team have acted include:
  • Tower Trading v N – Settled successfully
  • X v Y – Successfully defended against a personal injury damages claim

Service Testimonial

"Paul Coleman and the team assisted myself and 2 former colleagues with a long-running dispute with a major UK bank. Not only did we reach resolve quickly and satisfactorily our costs were kept to minimum and the advice given was both pertinent and effective."

– Gary